I am so grateful to have a recruiter who is prompt and courteous again. The last guy was a nightmare. You are a such a great contrast!

“I like my recruiter she is really nice. Millenia always keeps their promise. They are honest and they follow through.”

Hey ladies! I’ve arrived in on my assignment! The apartment looks great! Thanks for each of you. You have made this a real pleasure and I’m looking forward to getting started!

This is my first travel assignment, Millenia found my apartment and had it set up and ready to go. Brud and Robin were always there if I had a questions as well as Mike in Payroll.

I have been a travel nurse for 14 years, and my last 8 have been with Millenia Medical. Of all the companies I have been with, I can honestly say that Millenia Medical has taken care of me the best.

They are very dependable. I have never had problems. They are people you can depend on.

I have the absolute best recruiter at Millenia! She always goes out of her way to make sure my experience is the best one possible. Thanks Millenia!

Millenia Medical will always be there for you! They are very professional.